Chark Productions is an independent comedy production company, started by Charlotte Kennett in 2014. The primary focus of Chark Productions is to produce comedic digital content. Charlotte Kennett has a specific comedic voice, and through her production company she has been able to express it.

Chark Sketch Productions first digital short was entitled J- Nugget, which was about a white male rapper who flips the score on his crew and manager when he brings some fresh material into the studio. This video plays on themes of feminism, degradation of women in the music business, the illuminati, and an early projection of a 2016 presidential election running candidate. 

The second project Chark Sketch Productions undertook was Chapstick Web Series. Which is an LGBTQ comedy web series about two best friends, Marlo and Addy, and their daily struggles of being artists, being women, liking women, and finding their place in this vast world. This web series has received some success on YouTube and within the LGBTQ community.

Chark Productions is currently working on a new digital series on YouTube called, Adult Bedtime Stories where Charlotte Kennett tells a new bedtime story every week for adults. Because who says bedtime stories should just be for kids? Charlotte calls a contact in her phone, asks for a title of a never before told bedtime story, she smokes some weed, and then proceeds to tell a fully improvised bedtime story (while high).

Currently in pre- production, underneath Chark Productions, is Season 2 of Chapstick Web Series as well as a new web series entitled: Hopelessly Homo More information to come.

Chark Productions is comprised of a core team of filmmakers, editors, sound design artists, colorists, motion graphic artists, location sound crew, and producers.

Charlotte Kennett directs and executive produces all of the videos that come out of Chark Sketch Productions.

Chark Productions is for hire via freelance work and is always open to hearing pitches from outside sources as well as collaborating.

You can keep up with the work of Chark Sketch Productions by subscribing to the YouTube Channel.

Subscribe here: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCAWqgKsP1Iwa_swCc5rancA